Rules and regulations ↴

  1. Students are expected to maintain a high standard in their behaviour and manner of speech.
  2. Students actions and language should be courteous at all times.
  3. Students must converse with each other in English in the school premises.
  4. Students are not allowed to bring snacks and fast-food in their tiffins for a lunch.
  5. Students should greet peers, teachers and visitors whenever they meet them.
  6. Attentiveness in class and regularity in home assignments is mandatory.
  7. Each student should take pride in keeping the school campus clean.
  8. Fighting, bullying, denying use of facilities to others, damaging school property and causing injury to others will invite strict disciplinary action.
  9. Students are responsible to the school authority not only for their conduct in school but also for their general behaviour outside. Any objectionable conduct reported or observed is liable to disciplinary action.
  10. All unresolved disagreements amongst peers must be brought to the class teachers notice.
  1. Students must be regular and punctual in attending school.
  2. Minimum attendance required is 80% in an academic year.
  3. No test will be rescheduled or re-conducted to accommodate a students absence.
  4. In the event of absence for upto three days, a written note should be submitted either through email, a note in the student diary or a leave letter sealed in an envelope, explaining the reason for the absence. A leave request made through a phone call should be later supported with an application.
  5. If the duration of absence is to be more than three days, a written permission needs to be obtained from the Principal/ Coordinator.
  6. If sick leave is being mentioned and it is for more than 3 days, the parent should submit a doctors certificate.
  7. No half days or early leave for students will be permitted.
  8. In the interest of students and discipline, parents are earnestly requested not to apply for leave for family vacations, ceremonies and functions.


  1. School will remain open from Monday to Saturday.
  2. Time schedules for PTMs, Saturday Activities and school functions will be informed through school circulars and the school website bulletin board.


  1. The uniform should be clean and well ironed daily.
  2. Shoes and socks should be clean.
  3. Personal hygiene and cleanliness must be maintained.
  4. Hair must be cut short in case of boys and neatly tied in two plaits/ put in place with a hairband in case of girls.
  5. Any kind of colouring of hair is not permitted.
  6. Nails should be cut trimmed regularly . No nail paint allowed.
  7. Girls must wear simple earrings. No fancy jewellery allowed.
  8. Students are allowed to wear watches only after class 4.
  9. Mobile phones/ I-pods/ CDs/ cassettes/ walkmans and other similar items.
  10. Fancy jewellery/ watches.
  11. Valuable articles, money, etc.